HyperPixel Screen Protector

Just bought a shiny new HyperPixel 4 and I’m yet to take the protective plastic off. Is this the sort of screen that might benefit from a screen protector if it’s handled a lot?

I’m thinking of grabbing a cheap phone protector and cutting it down to the appropriate size.

From experience any screen would benefit from a screen protector. Although I think the HyperPixel is waaaaaaaaay less risky since it’s not being carried around, stuffed in your pocket, etc on a regular basis.

The front is glass, so it should be pretty resistant to minor wear and tear anyway but if you can find and apply a thin protector that doesn’t interfere with touch then why not err on the side of caution!

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I bought a cheap set of thin iPhone X screen protectors for a quid off eBay. Will see how they go.