Can the sensitivity of the grow moisture sensors be adjusted?

I was finally able to get my grow hat set up after weeks of ludicrous problems and I’ve hit another problem which might make the whole thing a bit useless. Inserted into potting soil that’s almost completely dry they’re registering at between 1-3Hz. That’s the suggested “wet” threshold. Adding water obviously reduces this to under 1Hz but the range between soaking wet and bone dry is so narrow (or non-existent in one of my pots) that it makes the functions useless and I’m not sure I could set up the pumps like that.

Interestingly, I have one plant in coir that registers with more useful values.

Are these moisture sensors not useful in normal soil? Is there anything I can change in the code to help with this? I’m not a complete beginner but scouring the code and figuring out resistance values or whatever is definitely beyond my abilities just now. Any help would be much appreciated!

Maybe this will help?

This puts me on the right track, I hope! Thanks for your input.

I was hoping that would help. I don’t own a Grow so no way to test it myself.

thanks for the information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.