Cannot connect to wifi from other distros than raspberry os

Hi all. Hopefully you can help me, I have issues connecting to wifi from my rpi5 from distros which are not raspberry os, that one works, but I installed ubuntu and kali and they give the same issue. I tried installing broadcom drivers and still the same, I’ve been trying so many things for so many hours. I’m running it on the nvme base plus disk which I bought at pimoroni’s, I appreciate your help very much
I even tried connecting from the terminal

nmcli dev wifi connect PIANO108 password mypass
Error: Connection activation failed: Secrets were required, but not provided.

Hey! I’m facing the same problem. I’ve successfully connected to 5Ghz networks, but no luck with 2.4Ghz. Moreover, I’m seeing severe performance impact on my bluetooth keyboard when using the NVMe base. If I orient the RPi so the NVMe base is in between the RPi and the keyboard, the trackpad has a very slow reaction to the mouse pointer. If I put the keyboard in front of the RPi then it works flawlessly.

I’ve experienced these issues using Ubuntu 23.10, but haven’t yet tested with Raspberry Pi OS. I also want to test with mounting the NVMe base side-by-side with the Pi, not beneath, and see if I see any improvements.