NVMe Base WiFi issues - solved! (And a case)

Hi All, my first post! I bought an NVMe base and a Patriot P300 SSD a while back and I was seriously impressed with the speed increase, booting in less than 20 seconds and great read/write times. However, the lack of a suitable case was a worry but more serious was the almost non-existent WiFi. The Pi was slow to connect, it kept dropping the connection and the speed was so bad as to make it unusable so off came the base and I went back to using a usb-c enclosure.
A little research revealed that WiFi problems are not unheard of but I couldn’t find any obvious solution. There was, though, talk of possible RF interference from the flat flexible connector or maybe some shielding of the signal as it was so close to the very small antenna.
So, after some thought, I decided to experiment with the NVMe base mounted on top of the Pi using a Pibow coupe as this would move the connector away from the Pi’s board and perhaps improve the WiFi. It worked! I now have (so far, touch wood) a good WiFi connection and a case to protect everything (I had to scavenge the top layer from an original Pibow) and I thought I’d share in case anyone else has had the same problem.
I did buy a 50mm connector but, in the end, I didn’t need it as the original is just long enough.