Changing BCM24 pin used in phat beat to another unused pin

Hi, I currently have a problem caused by a potential conflict between the BCM pin 24 used in my phat beat board and an OLED library that uses SPI pins including BCM24.

This is because when I ran the demo script of the OLED library, I get:

pi@raspberrypi:~/luma.examples $ python examples/ --display ssd1351 --width 128 --height 128 --interface spi --spi-bus-speed 8000000
Version: luma.oled 2.3.1 (luma.core 1.3.0)
Display: ssd1351
Interface: spi
Dimensions: 128 x 128
/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/luma/core/interface/ RuntimeWarning: This channel is already in use, continuing anyway.  Use GPIO.setwarnings(False) to disable warnings.
  self._gpio.setup(pin, self._gpio.OUT)

Upon checking, I think that BCM24 is the pin that is causing the conflict potentially.

Could anyone advise me on how I can modify the installed library of phat beat such that BCM 24 pin gets rerouted to another pin e.g. BCM 0?

That function is hard wired to that PIN on the pHat Beat. How are you going to physically reroute it?

I was thinking that if there was a way for me to modify the installed library to disable that pin, then maybe I can use that pin for my OLED display. However, I am not too sure what loss of functions the phat beat might incur as a result. If there is still audio output, then I am ok to accept those changes that comes with disabling BCM24 for phat beat.

According to the pinout, that is the Clock. I think you’ll find that signal is rather important and the pHat Beat likely won’t work without it. @gadgetoid would likely know for sure, what it does and if its needed. That’s above my skill level. ;)