pHAT BEAT - Is it possible PIN 18 on PIN 15 to relocate?


Hi, I’m new with the raspberry.
I have a pHAT BEAT with the pirate radio. It works with the Installation Guide.
Is it possible PIN 18 (BCM 24 (CLOCK)) on PIN 15 (BCM 22) to relocate?
In which file should this be changed?
To rewire electric is not a problem.

I would like to connect a display. There, PIN 18 is also required.

Thank you very much


As far as I know, you can’t multiplex the PCM clock to any pin other than 18.

It’s not easy to see this on, but this table of alternate pin functions shows that GPIO28, the only other possible multiplex option for PWM_CLK, is not broken out on the Pi’s header:

tldr; nope. You’d have to use a different display, or move its pin. (Why on earth does the display need BCM 18 anyway?)


ok, thank you,
Then I need an HDMI Display

Pin 18 LCD_RS LCD instruction control, Instruction/DataRegister selection
That’s the Display


Hmm, should be possible to move the LCD pin, since it’s just a regular GPIO toggle and nothing particularly special- although it could be using hardware spi-1 to speed up the display. I’m not sure how difficult tweaking the software might be, I haven’t played with these types of LCD much.


Ok thank you very much
I will ask the display manufacturer