Energenie PiMote

Hi there,
I don’t suppose anyone knows if the Energenie PiMote actually requires pin 18 to be used do they? I’d like to be able to free that pin up for other uses and am happy to not use the headers for connectng the pimote. I took a look at the linked py file and it appears to only use pin 18 as a non-PWM signal so I’m assuming I can redirect via another pin…

Script link -> https://energenie4u.co.uk/res/software/ENER002-2PI.py

I think you are confusing their notation, their script set up GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD) so it should be fine without tweaks.

yes, seems like bcm18 is free, confirmed here:


Thanks @RogueM - I missed that line.

np… your punishment will be to make an overlay for https://pinout.xyz at https://github.com/gadgetoid/pinout.xyz ;-)

Zoinks. OK, I’ll have a go!