Automation Hat relay/output pin swapping

Ok I love this hat except one thing. Look like someone forgot to look at rpi hardware pwm. Channel 1 pwm is pin 13 or 19 and it completely blocked by relay 1 and 2 which make it useless. If you guys can just swap relay 1 with output 3 which is literally right next to it makeboard will be much nicer. Since output is controller via Darlington technically it can create (with sinking power input) an 0 to 24v analog signal for motor and led control correct?

Anyway that what I want to do I need two 0 to 10v analog signal for led dimming and software pwm just not making the cut. So what the best way to swap these two pins? I got the board mounted on an phat stacking board not directly on rpi0.

look like i can just cut off the two pin on the attached 2x20 pin base and use two jumper and jump each of those pin onto another unused 2x20 pins base. That should work correct? should not need to do any desoldering if it was done this way. And for software which file contain the pin pointer so i can change it over?