Changing volume output

I installed a pHat Dac but now I need to use the GPIO pins for another project which needs a volume output, what do I do to change the volume output?
Thanks for the help

I’m unsure what you mean… do you want to control the volume using external components or?

the easiest, and better way to control volume is at your amp… it is possible to do it in software, including using buttons or a pot hooked up to GPIO, but the sound quality will be degraded at anything but full volume.

I mean I want to make my volume output the jack in the Pi

right, so you meant audio output ;-)

… you should be able to just uncomment the following in /boot/config.txt:

(plus reboot)

… if that is not enough, try to comment the following in that same file:

(plus reboot)

… and of that still does not get you audio through the jack, then it’s likely because it’s routed to HDMI, use raspi-config to override.

Thanks so much, I’ll try that out. ;-p