Configuring FanShim in OpenHABian

Hej folks,

I know it’s the easiest thing in the world for the experts, but I’m going crazy looking for myself on the internet right now.
How can I configure my FanShim in the SSH console? I have installed the OpenHAB system for my home automation and just can’t find the right solution on the net. Do I have to open an editor and if so, how? I am a little desperate right now.

Many thanks for your support!

Just FYI by default the fan should just run continuously as long as the Pi is powered up. It will cool your Pi even with no software installed or any configuration done.
If you actually want control you’ll have to dig deeper. What is OpenHAB based on?
The Pimoroni installer is only going to run on PiOS, anything else and its likely just going to give you an error message. If OpenHAB has a config.txt file there is a dtoverlay you can add for fan control.
5500 turns it on at 55c and off again at 45c. 60000 would be on at 60c etc.

Hej @alphanumeric thanks for your answer. I will definitely try this command.
OpenHAB is based on a PiOS Lite operating system.
So I thought I could configure the FanShim with an editor or a specific command.

From terminal its as follows, should also be doable via Putty / SSH
git clone
cd fanshim-python
sudo ./

to install the service

cd examples
sudo ./ --on-threshold 55 --off-threshold 40 --delay 2
add --nobutton to turn button off and
add --noled to turn the LED off.

To change settings

sudo systemctl stop pimoroni-fanshim.service
sudo ./ --on-threshold 75 --off-threshold 60 --delay 5

to disable service

sudo systemctl stop pimoroni-fanshim.service
sudo systemctl disable pimoroni-fanshim.service

enable again

sudo systemctl enable pimoroni-fanshim.service
sudo systemctl start pimoroni-fanshim.service

If you just want to do the config.txt edit its sudo nano /boot/config.txt
add the dtoverlay=gpio-fan,gpiopin=18,temp=55000 then do a ctrl X, Y to save it.
You will have to reboot for it to take affect.

Hej @alphanumeric I know the orders. Unfortunately I just don’t know how to enter them in the SSH console? Every time I press Enter at the end of the line to make a line break, the console executes the command. So I would either have to open an editor or there is a key combination for it. I’m surely not the first person who wants to run a script in PiOS Lite without a terminal, am I?

That’s what you want to happen? I use Putty to connect to my Pi remotely. I just clip and past the commands in one line at a time.
nano is an editor. In Putty I just type nano /boot/config.txt as I’m already logged in as root. That opens the config.txt file for editing with nano. I then past the dtoverlay entry into the file, I just put it at the very end, bottom of the file. Then press ctrl and X, and Y to save the edit.

Pasting in git clone and then hitting enter should run that line and download the fanshim software from github.
Once thats done you do the cd fanshim-python enter, and sudo ./ enter, etc.

PiOS lite boots to command line which is the terminal window. And connecting via Putty is at the command line / terminal window, even if its the PiOS with desktop.