Confused on setting up Pimoroni Servo 2040


I recently purchased a Pimoroni Servo 2040 and a bit confused on how to get started programing it in micropython. I am using a Pc to connect to the servo 2040 and see it as RPI-RP2 (D:). Do i DL the pirate brand micropython and drag it onto the RPI-RP2 (D:)?

It likely shipped preloaded with the correct Pimoroni uf2 file.
Any time your going to reload it, you put it in Boot mode and drag and drop the uf2 to it.
The one you use is the Pimoroni Pico uf2.

Thank you for your reply! I found out it had no uf2 file pre loaded. After about 8 hours and help on Discord, I was able to get it up and running.

Bummer, so far, anything I have got with an RP2040 onboard, or Pico W Attached, came preloaded and ready to go.