Connect LED with FANSHIM


I recently installed the FANSHIM and the scripts. It appears to be OK. My Pi is in a large, closed case which has an LED on the top. I can’t see the FANSHIM LEDs or hear it so I’d like to use the case LED to indicate when the fan is running.

I’ve connected the LED to the GPIO pins (with resistor in series) and confirmed that the LED can be controlled by the Pi. Is there a way to make the LED light when the fan is running?

Raspberry Pi3 B+ running Dietpi.


The Fan Shim pinout is here.

The LED on the shim is a smart LED. Its told to turn on off with a digital data signal. You won’t (not easily) be able to use that signal.
GPIO 18 physical pin 12 is the fan control pin. When that Pin is pulled low the fan is off. You may be able to use that signal though. If it actually goes High (+5V) when the fan is on you could use that to turn your LED on. If it just floats though, it won’t work.
Not if you want the LED on when the Fan is on.

Thank you so much! I connected my LED to GPIO 18 and the neighbouring ground pin. Works exactly as I want, lighting up only when the fan is on.

Thanks for the quick reply and help :)

I’ll have to remember that. Nice to hear it worked. =)