FanShim LED - light without daemon?

Should the LED on the FanShim light without the daemon installed?

No, it should only light up if instructed too. It’s a smart LED that needs to be told what color etc to display.

I have had other software like Plasma turn mine on though.

Cool, just wanted to check mine wasn’t broken! I’ve since got it running under Ubuntu 20.10 with my 8GB Pi4. Very impressive!

Ah Ok, I’m with you now. I often run my fan shim with just a dtoverlay entry in config.txt. The fan turns on off and the LED remains off. You can also disable it in the daemon with the --noled option. If you actually want it you may have to get creative.

Fan Shim includes one RGB APA-102 LED.

Set it to any colour with:

fanshim.set_light(r, g, b)

Arguments r, g and b should be numbers between 0 and 255 that describe the colour you want.

For example, full red:

fanshim.set_light(255, 0, 0)
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