FanShim Led

The fanshim itself seems to be functionining generally correctly.
The fan starts up, the powers down as your daemon process kicks in.
Pressing the switch moves it to manual mode, pressing it again makes the fan turn on and off.

However, the LED just doesn’t seem to want to work all the time.

It started off functioning correctly, but seems to now not light up at all.
I’ve tried reseating it, twisting the hat to make it sit better, nothing seems to help.

Any sugestions?

There is an file here you could run as a test. If it works there is something wrong with the Daemon. If it still doesn’t work its likely a hardware issue.

Yep, i’d already seen and tried that, and still saw no lights.

If I removed it, can I directly call the LED, to see if i can drive it by hand/calling GPIOs manually?

The Pinout is here

You’ll need +5V and ground, plus the two to drive the LED.