Connecting Feather M0 BLE to SPI Device

I’m trying to connect my feather M0 to a “digi dot booster” which is an LED controller that communicates over SPI.
The device comes with a library ( that lets you send simple commands to get complex colour displays.

Using the example sketches and an Arduino Uno, everything worked as expected. Now I’ve switched over to the feather, I can’t get the communication to initialise. I’ve changed the CS pin, as the default on the feather is linked to the BLE module. Ive tried doing this via the library command and manually, to no avail. I’ve also tried laying with the SPI initialisation settings to see if that makes a difference.

By using “raw” commands and not resorting to anything from the library, I’ve been able to change LED colours, so I know my connections are good, but obviously would like to make things simpler by using the library!
Any help would be really appreciated!

More testing… Must be close…
When I try to compile the following code for Uno, it works fine, but for Feather it fails with “invalid conversion from ‘int’ to ‘DDBooster::LedType’ [-fpermissive]”
I believe it to be an issue with the enum function in the header file.

Extract of code…

#include <DDBooster.h>

// create booster object
DDBooster booster;

// we have 20 leds
int led_count = 20;

void setup() {
  // tell the booster about the number of leds
  booster.init(led_count, 32);

Extract of header file…

class DDBooster {

     * LED type. Stores the number of bits used for the color of one LED.
     * LED_RGB is the default value used by the DD-Booster
    enum LedType {
        LED_RGB = 24,
        LED_RGBW = 32

     * LED color order. ws2812 is using GRB order and it's the default color order 
     * for the DD-Booster.
    enum LedColorOrder {

If anyone can help me with what needs to be changed I’d be immensely grateful!