Connecting switches to GPIO 23 and 24 prevents PhatDAC operation

When I connected 2 switches to GPIO 23 and 24 (plus 3V3 and GND) the PhatDAC stopped working.
PiMoroni claims that the PhatDAC only uses 3 GPIO pins per this page

In more detail, I connected Pi Zero W to PhatDAC with extra-long header. passing thru the PhatDAC board.
Jumpers connect the thru pins to my switch board.
Simple switch board has 2 pushbuttons with 10K pulldown resistors.
I want to use GPIO to control VLC audio via python.
The switches and python scripts worked fine using the (awful) PWM audio, but I want better audio.

Does anyone know if one can use a few GPIO pins without messing up the PhatDAC?

Out of interest, do you have a multimeter?

I can’t see any obvious pin conflicts. Apparently there are no special drivers needed so I doubt there are any extra control pins.

Are the GPIO pins accidentally set to output? You can check with a resistor and multimeter to see if you can pull it up or down. Just to ensure you are not shorting out something and causing problems with the Pi.

When you say GPIO 23, 24 do you pean pin 23 and 24 on the header? For example, pin 23 on the header is BCM 11 which also can be the SPI clock. So there might be a conflict on that pin if the SPI is enabled.

Might be pedantic,but are you sure your script is not crashing somewhere when you toggle the IO?

To add to what he said, what exactly happens when you push the buttons?
Does the pHat Dac stop working when a button is pressed or doesn’t work at all from the get go if they are hooked up?