Curl -sS non interactive

Hi Pimoroni forum,

I’m struggling to find a way to use the command line to install unicornhat driver in a non interactive way since I want to use it in a Dockerfile.

How can I avoid the confirmation answer “Do you wish to continue? [y/N]” ?

Please let me know, I’m stucked on this.

Have a nice day,


Try adding a space -y at the end of the command.
For example if I run sudo apt upgrade -y it will run and not prompt for the y or n. It will just do it in the one go.

Are there similar instructions for Alpine Linux on armv6 (Rpi Zero)?

The Pimoroni installer scripts are as far as I know written for the officially supported OS, Raspbian. Anything else and your kind of on your own to get it to work. My Linux skills are pretty basic. It could be tricky getting the Unicorn hat running via Rpi Zero, it uses some fancy PWM to do the magic.