Data graphing on pico?

I have a tufty 2040 as well as a pico. I have the tufty hooked up to some sensors that pull in data like temperature humidity etc. I wanted to know if there was a simple straight forward built in way to visualize this in any type of data graph. There are ways I can think of but they are very long winded and would like something simpler. Preferably built into pimorini version of micropython. Pico Graphics does not mention this.

At a glance it doesn’t look like there’s a built-in way to do it. It wouldn’t be impossible though, depending on what sort of graph you want. Bar charts would be super-easy, you can just use the Rectangle function for that.

You could take a look at Kevin’s PiChart library, though you might need to tweak a few things to allow for recent picographics changes?

There’s also a few different ways of displaying data/sensor readouts in the Enviro+ Pack examples that you might be able to repurpose?