Pandas and Matplotlib for Micropython

Im new to Micropython and have just bought an Inky Frame 7.3.
The only reason I bought was for weather and tides. So I would normally use pandas and matplotlib but these libraries are not available in Micropython and I’m regretting going down the Pico W route.

So can anyone help as I read ulab is similar but I can’t find that either.

I have got the inky working but very simple and not what I wanted to do!

The Pico (like any other microcontroller) has only limited RAM. So no way to process a lot of data on these MCUs.

For weather, you can check out They have a nice api that is compact enough to process within the Pico. No idea about tides.

I do have a calendar app that was running on a Zero with an Inky Impression. When I switched to the InkyFrame, I put the heavy dataprocessing on my little server and the InkyFrame does only the display stuff. This sound complicated but in fact it did speed up everything, since the Zero takes a long time to boot and needs a clean shutdown.