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Hi, sorry for the numpty question but I cant get my head around the process. I got a Pico installed with the Pimoroni UF2. Then used Thonny to save picoscroll dot PY from the micropythin examples, but it reported missing libraries. I couldn’t find a dot PY with the right name, and wasn’t sure whether I needed dot CPP or dot HPP or where to put them. I feel I should be able to work it out, but my head hurts ATM for various reasons. So rather than struggling I thought I’d ask on the forum and no doubt others have stumbled across this issue. Thanks for your help.

I’m not seeing that example py file?

Hi alphanumeric, I have uploaded the sample file, but it does;t find the library for the “from picoscroll import PicoScroll” line. I’m using the Pimoroni UF2 file. Steve

Pico or Pico W, I ask because they use different uf2 files.
What IDE are you using?
If it’s Thonny, make sure the Interpreter ( lower right corner) is set to
Micro Python(Raspberry Pi Pico)

Hi alphanumeric, been short on time. It’s a Pico (not W) and I used the Pimoroni UF2 file as I intend to make a room temp/humidity/CO2 logger using Breakout garden parts on a PicoGFX. I thought I’d start with the Pico Scroll just to get started. Feeling quite stupid, as over the years I have coded in C (arduino and PC), VB6, FreePascal and its graphical library (Lazarus), Python (RPi and PC) and basic for Microchip PIC. I just feel that I’m missing some obvious step with the microPython libraries or the setup of Thonny. Frustration building that I can’t get this to work. TIA, Steve

First thing to do is make sure your using the correct uf2.
I would use the pimoroni-pico-v1.20.4-micropython.uf2

The other big gotcha is if Thonny is setup for Python instead of Micro Python.
Down in the lower right hand corner it should say
Micro Python(Raspberry Pi Pico)
If yours is saying “Local Python 3”, thats your issue.
You can click there and change it.

I know, I’m rehashing what I said above. Double check that your issue isn’t one of the above and post back. If it isn’t we’ll dig deeper.

Hi Alphanumeric. I have set Thonny to use the "MicroPython (Raspberry PiPico) and now have the PicoScroll running. Thanks very much for pointing that out. Onwards to greater projects! Steve

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Nice, now you can have some fun.