Default video mode for Picade 8" screen?


I have the 8" Picade screen, and have the following output

pi@retropie ~ $ tvservice -m DMT
Group DMT has 1 modes:
(prefer) mode 4: 640x480 @ 60Hz 4:3, clock:25MHz progressive

pi@retropie ~ $ tvservice -s
state 0x120006 [DVI DMT (4) RGB full 4:3], 640x480 @ 60.00Hz, progressive

Detailed output - which suggests 800x600

HDMI:EDID best score mode is now DMT (9) 800x600p @ 60 Hz with pixel clock 40 MHz (score 5086400)

But if I try editing the config.txt to


The screen often flickers.

Should I be changing something to force 800x600?


I have the same issue. If I run quake the display is fine, But in retropie the display is so poor I was about to contact you thinking it was broken. It’s like an slightly out of tune old TV. Also in the retropie main menu the sound is hissing all the time.

Retropie is ruining my experience of the Picade.


Test Recalbox if Retropie is not for you :)


use disable_audio_dither=1 in /boot/config.txt this solved my audio hissing

I fiddled with the buttons from the LCD controller and screen the menu in retropie gives me 1920x1200x60HZ. I am not sure why is this since i have also the 8" LCD and I understood that the display should be 800x600? Maybe the is related to the display cutting off(see my other posts) and the increasing of max power through the USB ports.


It’s not the fault of RetroPie :)


I had to put:


in config.txt for retropie 4.1 to match the video output to the 800*600 pixels of the screen.
Otherwise the emulstation menus look very fuzzy. But now, everything looks fine.