Developing for Pi while not on a Pi?

Developing my first set of small applications based on the Raspberry Pi and Inky PHAT and could use some feedback.

I run into not being able to install the necessary Pimoroni libraries in Python since I develop on my Mac and then push to test on the Raspberry. How do you overcome this? What are some practices or methods that I can try? Or does everyone just always develop and test directly from their Pi?


Have a look here, might help, Pi Python development on Windows
I could have sworn there was a longer similar thread but can’t find it.
@gadgetoid is likely the guy to ask.

I do a lot of coding for my Pi Projects on my Windows PC and my Raspbian x86 desktop setup. My main desktop PC is a triple monitor setup so clip and past etc is easier. It also lets me have a tutorial open on one monitor etc. As far as checking my code about all I do there is the check module from idle.
Finding any other errors I do by actually running my code on the PI I wrote it for.

Oh yeah! Raspbian x86, completely overlooked that. What’s been your experience with USB devices through that?

The few things I have plugged in work OK. Keyboard, mouse, WIFI adapter, thumb drives etc. I like that it sees both partitions on my Pi’s SD cards, unlike Windows. =( You can also plug a PI Zero in via its USB OTG jack and play with its GPIO pins.