Display Hat Mini with Pi Zero 2 W and Latest Raspberry Pi OS - Blank and/or Frozen Display

I have tried using the directions from:

The Display HAT Mini works for approximately 1 minute then the image freezes and goes black shortly after. During the time that the display is black, if I type or make any mouse movements, the changes show up when I reinitialize the display over SSH using “sudo /home/pi/fbcp-ili9341/build/fbcp-ili9341”.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior, knows how to fix it, or has a working SD Card image that I can flash to one of my SD cards?

All that’s needed is to run
sudo pip3 install displayhatmini
pimoroni/displayhatmini-python: Python library for the Pimoroni Display HAT Mini (github.com)
And test files can be found here.
displayhatmini-python/examples at main · pimoroni/displayhatmini-python (github.com)

EDIT: It looks like your trying to use it as the main display? Missed that some how when I first read your post. I haven’t tried to do that myself. I do have that display and have used it to display text info with out any issues.

Check my notes here: Pimoroni Display Hat Mini + Raspberry Pi Zero 2W · GitHub

You may need to install a bunch of things like python3-pygame, python3-numpy and a few other things.

can you see anything in any logs?

BTW: Everybody does copy and paste, but that does not make sense. Don’t start programs from /etc/rc.local. This was already outdated many years before the first iPhone was created. And that is a very long time ago (stone age of computing).

If you really want to use that display as your main display, you should start it as early as possible. And rc-local.service is about the last thing a Linux system is starting (and only because of all these legacy-type of stuff which people put there).