Displayotron Hat modification layer

Will the Displayotron 3000 modification layer work with the Displayotron Hat?

I know the touch buttons won’t work, I plan to add some bolts or other conductive material to allow them to function, but the modification layer will save me having to make a custom top and would look much nicer.

I notice the question (in a different way) has been asked here cases but does not appear to have an answer.


I don’t have a dot3k top layer at hand, but IIRC all it does is provide access to the joystick… so apart from having a hole that has no relevance to the HAT version, I don’t think it differs from a regular top layer in any other way.

… so I’m not sure what benefit it would be, but I don’t know either what you were expecting that would make encasing a DOT HAT easier. The display itself sits below the layer so there is no need for a cut out if that’s what you thought.

Thanks for the reply, It was not clear from the picture if there was a cut-out for the display or not.

It sounds like the regular case will work fine and I can modify to add some conductive material to touch the touch pads (and use the high sensitivity setting if needed). That is good as it protects the screen as well.

can you confirm if the regular case will work or will I need the expansion layers?


regular case is fine. Let us know how it works out.