DoT3K / Pi2 coupe (B+?)

Does anyone know if the display-o-tron 3000 fits nicely on a pi2 in a coupe case (this is probably the same as asking if it fits a B+ in a coupe I guess?).


It works perfectly with a Pi2 in a Coupé!

Great :) thank you. I’m completely new to I2C but from what I understand you can have other devices on the bus. With the DOT3K on the pi is there still a way to hook up another device to the bus (I’m thinking this ) without soldering?

(you can also probably guess what I’m thinking of building!)



(I have both these in my basket ready to check out but want to make sure I can use both together first!)

I’m answering my own question as a bit more searching found the answer and it may help someone else - there isn’t a pass-through but there are a few solutions listed here I2C with the DisplayOtron 3000
The black hat is a bit cumbersome (and expensive) for what I had in mind, though seems awesome for what its meant for. Hmm have to think again on the display front!

We are working on a HAT based DoT3k which may provide some pins broken out. It’s certainly not going to be available for a while though!

I think a HAT Dot3k (DoT5k???) would be pretty cool!

Why not now - It’s not like you’re busy on other things ;)