Displayotron HAT python error

I’m installing my new DOT and have run the install script as shown in GITHub.

However, when I run a simple python program I constantly get an error with st7036.py fault in self.spi.open(0, spi_chip_select)

I have no ideas why this is happening, can someone shed any light on this please?
Thanks in advance.

What model Pi is it plugged into?
If its a Pi Zero, did you solder the header on?
Sounds like a connection issue to me. I’d reseat it on the GPIO header and make sure its firmly attached.

Thanks for your reply. It’s on my 3 B+. No soldering was required. I think the HAT is firmly seated, but I will try re-seating it and let you know.

Pinout is here, https://pinout.xyz/pinout/display_o_tron_hat# if that helps. BCM 8 Pin 24 is the chip select.
One other thing to do is redo the software. Reimage your SD card with the latest Raspbian and run the one line installer one more time. curl -sS get.pimoroni.com/displayotron | bash

Hi there, thank you for you guidance. I did a complete re-install and used your curl command and all is working OK. Brilliant, thanks very much.

It was a software glitch then. Were you doing anything on that Pi previous to this, another Hat etc? Just curious, sometimes a previous software install can muddy the waters so to speak.
Anyway, now that its up and running have some fun.

Hi there,
yes, I had installed GFX HAT and Sense HAT previously, so maybe some configuration conflicts! Thanks, cheers.

That would be my guess. Probably the GFX Hat installer. There is no installer for the Sense Hat, everything it needs to run is included in Raspbian curtesy of the Pi Foundation. Nice bit of kit the Sense Hat, I have two in use here as weather clocks.