Do I need a pi3?

I have a vero, a Pi b+ and a pi2. The vero is used as a kodi device downstairs, the pi2 is used as kodi device upstairs (although tbh it’s never used) and the Pi b+ I currently have setup as my project device (currently setup as a lamp web server, so i can learn web development). My question is… Do I need a pi3? Would I see any real benefits to owning a pi3. I’m coming back to Pi usage after a year break. I’m still a beginner in all regards, however I do have high targets set for myself. I plan to design and build a roving robot controlled by arduino which is in turn controlled via wifi by a raspi. The ultimate plan is to have the raspi host a webpage which can be used to control the robot. So I have a lot of hurdles to cross and protocols and languages to learn. I know something like this has been done many times before. But I’m using it as a learning process for myself, to learn the required languages etc (html, css, php, possibly Python, and c for the arduino)

no, you don’t NEED a Pi3, especially if you have a spare Pi2 unused. That said, if you wish to use the Pi for the actual development, sure, you’ll have a better experience with a Pi3.

Thanks for your reply, is pimoroni open to the public or is it mail order only? I only live a few miles away, it would be good if I could come over and pick up a few bits when needed. Also, do you know of any local groups or events?

I’ve just seen your other post which answers both questions, thank you lol