What Pi do you prefer

I was wondering, What is your favourite Pi? If I have missed any then tell me please :)!

What version of pi do you prefer
  • Pi Pico
  • Pi 400
  • Pi 4 Model B
  • Pi 3 Model A+
  • Pi Zero WH
  • Pi Zero W
  • Pi A+
  • Pi 3
  • Pi Zero
  • Pi 2
  • Pi B
  • Pi
  • Pi 3 Model B+

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I have two Pi 4B’s and a Pi400. I use these for things that need lots of computing power.
I also have several Pi3A+'s that are great for headless setups that don’t need the performance of a Pi4B. I’ll happily trade them for 4A’s if that ever happens. I use these with Motion Eye OS as surveillance camera setups. Two are Pan Tilt.
On the whole I use more Zero’s than any other Pi. Half of my 2 dozen or so Pi’s are Zero’s or Zero W’s. Mostly headless setups that don’t need a lot of computing power and where I want to save power.

Yeah - I have a Pi 400 and Pi 4 B - The Pi 400 I like a lot but 4 B I like more - 4 B ports are more easy to access

I use my Pi 400 as a desktop PC. I can look up the Pimoroni tutorials etc on it and not have to wait ages for the page to load. And it’s handy for playing with my Pi PICO.
No DSI or CSI ports, or an audio out jack though. The GPIO is also a bit of a pain to make use of, the way its orientated and all. I made up an adapter so my BLINKT is pointing up, and up where I can see it. I still like it for what I use it for though.

I use 4 B 2GB ram as a desktop PC - I have a different SD card with Windows on it (only for emergencies) I don’t like how Raspberry Pi has taken some sudo apt-get packages out of raspbian - for example brave browser! You can get it on Linux but not raspbian! I feel that the Pi 4 B 2GB is not as slow as I think. I thought the Pi 400 was useless so I sold it on eBay but soon I want to buy the pi 400 again as it is quicker and 64bit!

I used to be a Microsoft MVP. Lately I’m not all that impressed with how Microsoft is taking the OS so I resigned from the program. I do less and less Windows stuff now.
So Far PiOS / Raspbian does what I need it to do. The only other OS I run is Motion Eye OS on my Camera setups. It lets me watch the streams over my LAN without having to go on the Internet to watch them. It also has support for Pimoroni’s Pan tilt Hat. It’s a bit of a PITA to setup but it works OK once done.
You must be running the unofficial Windows on Arm port to raspberry Pi?

I don’t see myself ever buying a second Pi400. Not unless this one dies on me with a hardware failure etc. I like it but I don’t have any use for a second one. I’d go with an 8gig Pi4B.

I prefer mac - I have. A mac with BootCamp (windows) the only reason I use windows is for apps that are only windows

And nope - I have WoR (windows on raspberry)

I’ve done more with my Pi Pico than the Pi’s I have. However, I do have one of my Pi Zero’s working as a combined Squeezebox music server and network printer server which I was amazed it could handle.

I have all kinds of different setups.
A Pirate Radio Internet Radio that plays my Classic rock. Pi Zero
An Itty Bitty Beat Box for the grand kids to play with. Pi Zero
Breakout garden stuff for tinkering. Pi Zero
Half a dozen camera builds. 3A+'s mostly
Some rovers. Pi Zero’s
A bunch of weather related setups. 3A+'s and Pi Zero’s
There is just so much that can be done with a little imagination.

@alphanumeric So I have 4 B, Pi 400 (though sold it on eBay) I don’t really want many more pi’s. I want a 8GB 4B, some pi picos, another pi 400 (as the other was sold on eBay) and some pi zeros.

My background is in electronics, I’m a retired electronic technician. Wiring and soldering stuff up is no big deal for me. That tends to make it a little more fun and not as intimidating as it can be for others. I pretty well add a Pi Zero W to any order I make just to have some spares on hand to try something new I might see on the interwebs.