I can't choose what pi to get next

I want to get a new pi, and I am wondering which type to get.
I want either a 4b 4gb ram, a 4b 8gb ram, or a pi 400. I noticed that the pi 400 has a faster processor, but which should I get?

  • Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB Ram
  • Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB Ram Starter Kit
  • Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB Ram
  • Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB Ram Starter Kit
  • Raspberry Pi 400
  • Raspberry Pi 400 Starter Kit

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But the starter kits are rather inconvinient as I want 64gb sd cards for my raspberry pi s

Remember to say why!


What will said Pi be used for?
The Pi 400 is an OK desktop PC, I’m posting this from mine. The GPIO header orientation isn’t idea for hats etc though.
I prefer 4B’s over a Pi 400. For what I do with mine anyway.

Hi Alphanumeric

You probably remember me, though I haven’t posted in a while. It will be used for basically all things that can be done with a Pi. I mainly use a pi 4b 2gb ram so I need a ram upgrade. I will keep my 2gb ram 4b for things that need GPIO pins, like projects, and do you mean the Pi400 is rather inconvenient for sense hats?


The GPIO header on the Pi 400 is tilted back 90 degrees, pointing out the back. If you plugged a Sense Hat in you’d be looking at its backside / bottom. It would be facing away from you.
You’d also need a Flat HAT Hacker of Cyber Deck to see the side with the LED matrix.
Currently I have a Flat HAT Hacker with some Breakout Garden Mini Hats on it, attached to my Pi 400.

Yeah, I noticed that. So for personal life, is it the Pi 400, and for projects, is it the Pi 4B? Although I still don’t know which pi to get!

Personally, I don’t see myself ever buying a second Pi 400.
And if I’m buying a Pi 4 I get a 4B with the most ram currently available.

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So seeing I have no 400? What should I do?

I’m not going to make your decision for you. ;)
I like my Pi 400 and use it every day as a desktop PC. I also do a lot of Breakout Garden related tinkering on it. SPI i2c etc.
I also have some 4B’s that see daily use. All but one are headless.
All told I have over two dozen Raspberry Pi’s kicking around here. Half are likely Pi Zero’s.
3B+, 3B, 3A, Zero W V2, Zero W, Zero.

One thing to keep in mind is the Pi 400 doesn’t have a DSI or CSI header. Seven of my Pi’s have cameras on the CSI port and two have touchscreens on the DSI port.

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It’s unlikely that you’ll use anywhere near 8GB of RAM in regular usage. Hence my vote for the 4GB option.

32bit stock Pi Foundation proffered OS can only use a max of 4GB per instance, I believe. Though, you could have 2 ‘apps’ running, both using 4GB each, hypothetically. (If that’s contested, please feel free to correct me, I am here to learn after all ;) ) 64bit can use the full 8GB. Though I have tested this on an 8GB Pi, rarely seen over 2GB allocated. YMMV.

HTH, and a happy new year to all!

That’s pretty well what the Pi Foundation says, regarding RAM usage.

Remember the pi 400 also has no CSI port for any of the camera modules so if you have any plans to use of one that makes it and easy decision.

Hi all, thanks for all your contributions. I feel that I am going to get pi 400 or pi 4b 4GB ram. Which one though?


With the state of the market worldwide currently, you might be lucky to find a Pi4 b. AIUI, some retailers are listing up to a 52 week wait, atm.

The Pi400 has no onboard CSI (camera) or DSI (display) ribbon cable headers. Beyond the obvious physical differences they are otherwise identical. You could of course remove a Pi400 from it’s case if needed.

Ultimately, only you can make the choice!

There are alot of cool cases with either size hdmi and ports on one face… and then there are the cm4 carrier boards and that variety, one could make a nice desktop from if they were to have one Pi4 to rule them all…
For probably over $200usd ,said &done , with choice carrier board and its case, cm4 with it all module…

I have a pib4 4gb & pi4 8gb… i don’t see any difference streaming video on my desktop in one window while running whatever other programs simultaneously… without a problem.
It just seems wisest to have the best available of my desired footprint (piB+/2/3/4 fullsize) for longevity of use but wise also not to over spend into a desktop I may soon abandon it for my next new “this is one of my primary desktop computers now”, and use it in a project, gift, sell , collect dust…

I bought various cases (we have total 1x pi4 2gb; 2x pi4 4gb; and one 8gb pi4 here) and the bigger one with the hdmi’s and all ports on oneside no one wanted. We all have various pibow and similar other brand stack layered colored/clear acrylic, in the lower coup style, fan on top 2 wires to GPIO 3v/5v red;gnd black.

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I tend to buy the best that I can afford at the time of purchase. Pi 4 wise anyway. I also tend to keep and use what I buy for many many years and also like to future proof things as best I can. It’s a trickle down kind of deal for me. The Pi with the best performance and resources goes where its needed. If it’s replacing another Pi like a 3B, that 3B gets reused where it fits my needs.

If I was buying a Pi 4 today, I’d be looking for the 8 gig model. If I had to have it and there were no 8 gig, I’d likely get a 4 gig. Wouldn’t go any lower than 4 though.

One thing I’d really really like to see happen is a 4A. I have a half dozen or so 3A+'s I’d happily replace with 4A’s.

So I believe I should get a 4B 8gb. Also handy because I am 3D printing with my Ender 3 V2 right now a Pi 4B case for my 2gb 4B, so I can just print another one.

At some point Pi OS 64 bit will be officially released. IMHO, having an 8 gig 4B to run it on will be advantageous. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :)

So should I not get one until 64 bit pi’s come out

32 bit runs just fine on one so why wait?

I use the Man theroy when buying a new Pi ,Yarr Matey The BIGGER THE BETTER .LOL