MotioneyeOS and Pi Zero..Any issues?

I have Motioneyes running on an old Pi B just fine. Would there be any issues switching to a Pi Zero?

I have three Pi-Zeros with Pi CSI cameras running MotionEyeOS 24/7 no problems at all.
You might need to download a different build for the Zero from the one on your “big” Pi.

Great. Thanks. I just was a little concerned about performance. I’ll be using a CSI cam and a fresh install. Maybe a fan too.

Be seeing you.

Taking stills was OK for me on a Zero, streaming a video not so much. I got lots of lags and stuttering. I switched to a 3A+ and all was good.

Be aware you’ll need and adapter cable for the camera to use it on a Pi Zero. The CSI connector is a smaller connector on a Zero. If you’ve bought one of the official Pi Zero cases you should have a short version of the one in the link below.

Must admit to get modest frame rates (3-6 fps) you have to keep the resolution low-ish.
Full HD is too much for the Zero to keep up.
1024x768 around 3 fps and 800x600 around 5 fps.

The official Pi Camera V2 is specked for 1080P @ 30 FPS or 720P @ 60 FPS.
I run mine at 1280 x 720, I get about 20 FPS on a good day. It fluctuates up and down some. I usually have more than one camera stream feeding my monitoring PC though. I have 5 cameras setup, all on my WIFI.

Thanks to all. I get good frame rates now at 1024x768, which is good enough to watch my boids. Going by your experiences I think I’ll stay with my current 3B. I wish the Zero was just a bit more powerful. ;)

Nice picture. I went with 3A+'s to keep the cost down versus a 3B+. Less RAM is about the only compromise. If your going to hook up via ethernet though, the 3A isn’t the way to go. I knew I wanted to use wifi so no big deal for me. I have a USB hub with an ethernet port that I use to do my setup with.
I use this one with my A’s and 3A+'s

And this one with my Pi Zero’s

Thanks. This 3B was my first Pi. Not a bit of trouble since I installed it. It’s been running almost continuously for a year now.

When I needed a hub for my Zero I went with Amazon:

There are lots of options out there. Its pretty well what ever works for you. ;) I went with the one I posted because it has the Micro USB, so no adapter required for a Pi Zero. Plus the ethernet port comes in handy for setting up Motion Eye.
If you do the stock install it looks for an ethernet connection, and just continuously reboots when it can’t find one. A wpa supplicant file will get you around that but if you make an error in it, it really messes up Motion Eye. Anyway to make a long story short, just my 2 cents.

My first Pi, I believe was a 2B. Then a 3B, 3B+, and a couple of the A+'s along the way. My newest purchases are several 3A+'s and one 4 B 4 gig. One of my Motion Eye camera’s is a 3B+, the rest are 3A+'s.
I have about 2 dozen Pi’s kicking around here. About a third of them get used regularly. I’m addicted what can I say. =)

I just installed Motioneye latest release -0911 for one of my RPiZW´s. It´s up running checking my bird feeder. How do I setup sensitivity because right now it captured some 800 stills in one hour (too much moving branches in background ). Can I run recording movies at the same time ? or is it too heavy workload for RPiZW ? I have Frame Change Threshold set 2%. And final question ? Can I take this SD card and run it on RPi3A+ ? Same addiction here : 3RPiZ, 4RPiZW, 4RPi3B+, 1RPi4B1G, Over 5years 1RPiZ and 1RPi2 killed by me…

I think the Mask option under Motion Detection will let you frame a small area for detection. That should Mask some of the background movement so it doesn’t trigger an action. I tried taking stills with the Motion but never really got it to work. I either got hundreds of stills of next to no stills. I eventually just gave up and resorted to doing it manually. The Motion Eye forum may be the place to go for pointers on getting it to work reliably.

I don’t think the Zero Motion Eye install will run on a 3A+. If it worked that way he would have just the one image and not the 3 or 4 images.

I didn’t notice the Ethernet port. That would have been handy but it would have meant another wire to string. I have the B, 2 Zeros and a 4G Pi4. The 4 is amazingly fast but I haven’t found a permanent use for it yet.

I have an ethernet HUB setup right next to my main PC for setting up Motion Eye. I’m only plugged into ethernet long enough to setup my wifi with a static IP and reboot. Thats where those hubs come in handy.
I’m just tinkering with my 4B at the moment. I have plans to get one of the new SmartiPi cases and a new 7 inch touch screen to go with it. I want to program my Arduino’s and Micro bits from it. Mounting it in that case will make it a little more portable and easier to move around. I spend a fair bit of time on my deck in the summer and the less trips I make carrying bits and pieces in and out of the house the better. I already have a breadboarding setup built around the Pi 7 inch touch screen. That will get a PI 4 upgrade at some point. Its a 3B+ at the moment.

Forgot to mention, I have a full pan tilt kit on the way, it should arrive some time this week. The latest Motion Eye is supposed to have pan tilt support built in. I’ll put it through its passes in Raspbian first though, just to make sure it its fully functional. It’s going on one of my 3A+'s.

I bought a pan/tilt hat a few weeks ago. Lots of fun but I haven’t gotten it set up with motioneyes yet. I was working on a separate direction box. I also read that motioneyes has button support but I haven’t seen the details yet.

I think its done via the Action Buttons? I’ll find out eventually. My plan is to have a button move the camera to a specific direction. Pan to position X tilt to position Y kind of deal.

Truly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. It’s more of a project than anything else. :) But it sure is fun.

Yes, You are right I had to to download the version for Rpi3. I tried to ssh into the RPiZW but didn´t manage to do it. I used “pi and raspberry” to logg in but was rejected. Yet couldn´t find on the forum the right ones. Just to find the folder where pictures/videos are stored.