Pan/tilt with live wifi feed

Recently started a project with a friend of mine to do some aerial photography, works fine with the rc gear I had lying around but we wanted more.
So instead of going the FPV route with a maximum screen resolution of 720p and an extra mortgage.
We thought to give a wifi feed a try and maybe even use it to control the pan/tilt mechanism aswell.
Now so far I’ve got a pi zero 1.3 with a high gain wifi adapter and hq camera, a pi zero W with a touch screen and maybe a joystick.
Both will be ran on Li-Po batteries with the pimoroni lipo hat.

So far I’ve thought to start off with motioneyeOS, but got advised against that by @alphanumeric in his pan/tilt topic.

As I’m new to using raspberries and the coding for it I’d like some help getting into the right direction! :)

Thanks in advance!

It’s a love hate relationship with me and Motion Eye OS. It’s a bit of a PITA to setup and get working, especially with the Pan Tilt Hat. But once its done its easy to use and I like the Web GUI.
Do you need more than two servo’s?
Are you using the “new Pi Foundation HQ camera” ? I ask because that needs a lens, which is a bit heavy. It may just end up always pointing down?

The current setup has a normal camera hanging below it, so the HQ camera should be fine in this aswell.
2 servo’s should be sufficient really, being the pan and tilt, I’m guessing you’re thinking of using the pimoroni pan tilt hat instead?

Ideally control should be done with a small joy-stick and clicking this should make a still.
But let’s take it step by step! ;)

Yes , with only two servo’s the Pan Tilt Hat would be an option, which would let you use Motion Eye OS. Setting it up to work with a joystick could be tricky so we might be back to it not working out anyway?
I’m going to tag along though to see what others recommend. As much as I like Motion Eye OS, I am eager to see what else is out there that may be usable in my situation.
My setups are Pi 3A+'s with the full pan tilt kit. The Adafruit Pan Tilt and Pimoroni Hat.

Having set-up octoprint on a rpi 3B+ got me thinking that i might be able to utilize octoprint for my project.

It has the capabilities to control a printer remotely with a live feed, the only problem I’m seeing here though is that it is made for remote controlling a print board.
This might not work with the servo board I’m going to use.

Any other ideas are welcome!