Pan-Tilt HAT Camera ribbon cable length


Hi you have a little video of the Pan-Tilt HAT with camera and NeoPixel strip.

What length of ribbon cable did you use? Is that the 30cm one?


That’s the 15cm one as included in the camera kit.


Oh in the face tracking documentation it says get a long ribbon cable and that threw me off track as I had presumed a longer one than standard was needed.
I guess it did before the pan tilt-hat sat direct on the GPIO header?

Okays I will get an order in!
Any Black Friday deals for a complete setup? Pi3 essentials, camera and Pan Tilt complete kit? :)

You will need:
-* Adafruit Mini Pan-Tilt Kit with Servos
-* Adafruit 16-Channel Servo Driver
+* Pimoroni Pan/Tilt HAT Kit

  • A Pi Camera
  • A long ribbon cable…


Of course, there’s money off the full kit while it lasts, and probably more that I haven’t found yet :D:

I think I need to remove the “long ribbon cable” bit from there :D good spot.

When I set it up on my desk I used a Black HAT Hack3r to break out the Pi’s GPIO away from the touchscreen setup, so I was using a ridiculously long cable. But if it’s on top of the Pi, 15cm is fine!


I had a look about and actually that is about the most comprehensive introductory kit that is on the market.
You should probably offer that as a complete kit all preinstalled.
My linux and automation skills are ok, but after quite a bit of internet browsing that is definitely the easiest build.
Prob a wider market for it, who might be a little less confident than I?
The pan-tilt hat just finishes it off without and solder work and easy assembly.

Ignore my cut-me-own-throat-dibbler discount requests but maybe think about selling that as a full introductory kit.

Anyway I will let you know in the forums if I have any problems :)


Am I missing something or do the instructions forget to mention trimming the nylon bolts down?


The 4 little ones for the camera I have forward as might use that length to connect an ultra sonic as pi cam may be going mobile.
I have not needed to trim the bolts as they are fine like that.