GPIO extension with round cable

I want to mount a pan-tilt hat off my Pi 4 in an LCD case. Doing it with ribbon extenders would be a pain. Has anyone come across a GPIO extension with round cable? I’m still looking at IDE cables but I thought someone may have seen one.

never seen one ,a google search shows none ,so thats not good that there is any ,have to say i never tried making one ,wires just to tiny

The best I’ve seen so far is an IDE floppy drive cable and some sort of gender changer.

You could make one up. You only need 4 wires to pull it off. The two i2c pins, +5V and ground.
At the Pi use one of these with a female header

At the Hat end use another one with a male header.
Then solder a two pair 4 wire cable between them to the appropriate pins.
At the pan tilt end solder all the grounds listed in the pinout together, do that and you only need one ground from the Pi end.

If you use twisted pair cable, make sure the two i2c pins are one pair, and +5V and ground are another pair. Telephone cable like what is used to wire up the jacks in a house should work if its not an overly long run. Here in Canada its usually red, green, yellow, black. Thicker gauge would be better though if you can get it.
Personally I would prefer stranded, shielded, twisted pair. Especially if its a long run.
This would likely work Ok if the run isn’t too long, just make sure to keep the two i2c wires side by each.

Would a 12 inch cable be enough?

You know I should kick myself for not looking into which wires I really needed. I’m going to run it up. I have the wiring. Thanks so much! Alpha comes through again. :)

No problem, I only just realized you’ll also need a long ribbon cable for the camera.

That’s what is going to determine how far apart you can put the two.

I have two Pan Tilt setups using Pi 3A+'s. Pibow Coupe cases, booster headers, and an 8 inch camera cable. The stock 6 inch was just a little too tight for my liking, especially with a booster header added into the mix. Mine run on WIFI. One gets moved around the house a bit. I trimmed the servo cables and soldered them right to the Pan Tilt Hat. I’m just fussy that way, lol. Also used a black camera cable and Black Pibow Coupe case. =)
I put number stickers from the Pimoroni Sticker packs on the bottom of the cases to keep track of what camera is what. The number is also its static IP number. 1 means its Camera 1, 2 is camera 2, etc. ;)

I have a couple of cam cables of each length. I think it has a 2 footer on it now.

Yeah, I have a P-Touch so I make labels for each Pi. Plus a list of each MAC address. With all the HomeKit (Apple) accessories I have my network is getting crowded.

Yeah, I have a bunch of camera cables stored in a box. Longest one is I think 30 centimeters.
So far its only my Camera setups that have static IP’s, the rest I just let use DHCP. I have an ASUS Dual Band Router in the closet gathering dust. It’s on my list of “things to do” to set it up as a PiFI and move all my Pi’s over to it. Then just have my Windows PC’s, XBOX and my ISP’s TV boxes on the other WIFI.

It would be nice to have round camera cables too. I’ve seen cables like that but they were pricey. I really need to invest in a decent USB camera. Something that just works.

There are adapters to let you use an HDMI cable with the Pi Camera.

Out of stock at the moment. Adafruit might also sell them.

whats the fun in that ,lol

Yeah I saw that some time ago when I was perusing the store. With a thin HDMI cable it shoudl work fine. Thanks.