Soldering to only the needed GPIO

I’m working on a project at the moment and I don’t have any headers for soldering my hats to my Pi. I do, however, have an abundance of wires to use and since I’m 3D printing a case for the project anyway, the wires shouldn’t be a problem. Since I’ve seen HATS like the Li-Po Zero that only use a certain amount of GPIO, would my project still run if the unused GPIO weren’t soldered to my HAT and vica versa?
Thanks in advance.

I wouldn’t say I know much about this, but I’ll link something that may help you

Depending on the Hat your using and if it’s documented on here, you should easily find which pins are needed and which ones can be used for other uses.

I believe that everything should still work if stuff isn’t soldered. the pi can work with or without soldering.

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Perfect! Thank you so much, I have the board layouts for my two HATS now. Thankfully this should save on space!

Glad it helped! Good luck with it all! post some pics if you don’t mind sharing.

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