Newbie GFX Hat query

Hi all,

I am just about to purchase a GFX hat for my Pi Zero and wondered if anybody knew how many GPIO pins were left available? I see the HAT takes all 40 pins, but I assume one or two GPIO are available for my use?

Thanks ,

The Pinout showing what is used is here.

It looks like it uses i2c and SPI.

Amazing thanks for your help.

And i2c is a shared bus, you can have multiple device on i2c as long as no two devices share the same i2c address.
I’ve used Perma Proto Hats on a few projects to get access to the GPIO pins.

I mate them with the 11mm stacking headers and stack them between my Pi and Hat.

If you go that route I’d get this standoff kit so you can screw one standoff into the other with the Proto Hat between them.

Thanks. Ordered and the hat arrived today! Quick question around the libraries/sw support. I have tried to use the pimoroni product installer (curl -sS | bash). The script runs for a while but then throws a bunch of errors - any ideas?

The repository ‘ ./ Release’ does not have a Release file.
E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
Apt failed to update indexes!

Try the manual install and see what happens.
Manual install:
Library install for Python 3:

sudo pip3 install gfxhat

Library install for Python 2:

sudo pip2 install gfxhat

Perfect! Thanks. Once i had enabled my SPI and I2C everything works!

I meant to mention to check to make sure they were turned on, ops.
The one line installer is supposed to do that for you, but you have to do it manually yourself if you do the manual install methode.