5V for Adafruit Mini PiTFT - 135x240 Color TFT Add-on

Hi all,

I have one of these on the way and I was wondering about how the board covers both 5V pins on the GPIO. I was thinking of soldering a tap wire onto the add-on so I could supply 5V to sensors and such. Any opinions are welcome, especially from the Pim Crew. TIA.

I use Proto Hats and pHats with stacking headers to get access to all the GPIO and still put a Hat or pHat on top. Also gets you access to i2c for those sensors etc. You just use a stacking header with the proto board. The Proto Zero will likely look the best under your PiTFT.

Yes I was thinking of a stacking header. I notice the display connector allows pins to go through the board so the extra long pins on the extender will give me ample space to tack on the wire.