Best way to connect to the GPIO pinouts on Displayotron?

Newbie question – what’s the best physical way to connect to the GPIO pins above the actual LCD display on the Displayotron, besides soldering directly on them? I am trying attach a sensor board to my setup. The row of holds are not straight so I don’t think I can put a header there…


Stranded wire, probably, or a piece of salvaged ribbon cable if you can find some.

It’s not tidy, but sometimes for applications like this I’ll just solder the male end of some female to male jumper jerky onto the connector, bend it at a right-angle and snip off the excess part of the pin. Jumpy jerky also comes as a ribbon, initially, which looks tidier than separate wires.

I like that idea! (jumper jerky). FWIW I am planning to use the mini hack3r first for testing, which has male pinouts.


I’ve used Proto Hats to ad sensor breakout boards to some of my Pi projects. Either just soldering it right to the Proto hat with a male to male header. Of via wires with a 90 male header on the Proto Hat. If you use a stacking header you can plug your Displayotron on top of it. Pi > Proto Hat > Displayotron

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The header in that picture looks funny because the header from my Sense Hat is on top of it. Path of least resistance, When unplugging my Sense Hat the extension header got left behind. There is a 40 pin male header on top and a 40 pin female on the bottom.

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Thanks ! That’s a cool setup. I am adding a adafruit temp/humidity board so I think I want to keep it away from the pi. But if I use a zero that make actually work also.

There is a smaller version of that for the Zero, and Pimoroni have their own version,

The first picture I posted has a BMP180 and SI1145 breakout boards attached. I just used the female to female jumpers. I also swapped the single shells for 5 and 6 pin shells where needed. I can’t remember if I bought the shells here or at Adafruit. It was a pack of different sizes. Full build pictures are here if you want to have a look.!AjOYwiwlwDtpgq8_0VrdS3_H5xL_AA

Looks like a great build. Some sort of weather station? I am building an indoor info station that includes temp/humidity etc.


Yes, its portable weather clock. It shows the day, date, time, temp, humidity, pressure and UV index in a scrolling message on the Sense Hat LED matrix. Heat inside the case throws off the temperature readings so I have the BMP180 mounted on the outside, on the bottom of the case. It was something I already had on hand so I put it to use. The case is vented but only marginally. I’m trying keep it as weatherproof as possible but let air in so the sensors can work. I don’t want the rain and snow getting inside on the electronics. The SI1145 measures ambient and IR and can calculate the UV index. It’s mounted on top with a clear cover. I’m a member of a small group of dog owners that meet every day in a soccer field. I like to keep track of how hot or cold it is etc. I also take it out on my deck in the summer. I also have a second less complicated one that just stays in the house. It’s just a Sense Hat and Pi A+ with a RTC added.