Pan Tilt Camera software?

Just wondering what others have used with their Pimoroni Pan Tilt Hat / camera setup, software / OS wise?
I’m currently using Motion Eye OS. It lets me steam the video feed from the camera over my local LAN / WIFI without having to go to the Internet first. No having to view it on a web site on the WEB / WAN side. I can also record the video. Plus it has support built in for moving the camera.
It’s a bit of a pain to setup the action buttons for the Pan Tilt Hat though. And support for it has stalled.

Long story made short, I’m looking for a replacement with similar features. And also interested in what others are doing with their Pan Tilt setups. Mine are mostly to keep an eye on my dog when she is tied up out front. And to watch out for porch pirates etc.
Recording is usually birds coming to my feeders. Or something funny the dog is doing.