Pantilt and stream on same web page

I have Pimoroni full PanTilt and video streaming each running on separate pages. Now how can I merge the both outputs to one web page?

I’m using Motion Eye OS with mine, it has built in support for Pimoroni’s Pan Tilt Hat. It is a bit tricky setting it up but once done I have action buttons to control the Pan tilt.

It was a bit of a struggle first time through, but I now have just the one script I can clip and past into Putty and do it all with one enter. I can post my script if your interested.
I have a couple of presets and manual movement buttons.

Pan Tilt Hat Motion Eye OS action buttons - Support - Pimoroni Buccaneers

Yes motionEyeOS is great - I have that running with 3 cameras, 2of witch have pantilt.

However I would like to construct a webpage that includes both the full pantilt script as well as the camera stream! So still looking for some ideas and help…


Ok, I’m with you now. I view mine via each cameras the Web GUI over my LAN. My Action buttons are viewable and clickable there, as well as what the camera see’s.
It what works for me.