NeoPixel Stick with PanTiltHat and motionEyeOS Action Button

Hello FolkZ,

How can I switch the NeoPixel Stick on / off in conjunction with a PanTiltHat with MotionEyeOs via an Action Button?
Can someone give a detailed guide here?


Have a look at this thread.

I do believe there are light on light off action buttons. Youd create thos buttons then put the python code for the pan tilt set_all ( red , green , blue , white=None ) to (0, 0, 0) for off. something like that

Added support for pimoroni’s pantilthat

I saw that first link you posted after I had mine working. I had an open issue on the action buttons on the Motion Eye GitHub page. I was all done when it was finally posted to the thread I started. I got next to no help on the Motion Eye GitHub page. I have that info saved but haven’t looked all that closely at it, as I have a working solution for how I use my pan tilt.
The second link looks to be for an Adafruit servo controller, not the Pimoroni Pan Tilt Hat.

Anyway, the link I posted is a thread I started here where I found a working solution to getting the buttons to show up in the Web GUI and work when clicked.

However you do it, please post back what you did and how it worked for you.