Web Pan-tilt interface

I just purchased a Pan-Tilt Hat and servos.
I noticed there was examples including some sort of web interface control.
I dont need a streaming for the video but I would like to control the pan-tilt from my phone web browser. Can someone tell me how to setup/use the web interface example as there is no instructions included.
Thanks in advance

Could you post a link to that web interface control example?
I just had a look in the examples and didn’t see it?

I’m running Motion Eye OS on my Pan Tilts. It was a bit of work to get the action buttons setup, but for me it was well worth the effort. I can pan tilt them from any device with a web Browser over my LAN.


The program is pantilweb.py - the program is in a github listing for examples of the pan tilt hat on the Pimoroni site. I would like to know how to use utilize this program. Thanks

I see if now, doh, its in a sub folder by itself.
It looks like it uses Flask


In the Pantilthat software examples there is a Pantiltweb.py program which appears to call a Flask script as you suggested- i ran the pantiltweb.py script, I typed in my RPI web address on remote browser and I see a graphic on the screen with four directions but it doesn’t appear to do anything.
Are you familiar with this example?

No, I have never used Flask. I’m running my Pan Tilts with Motion Eye OS. And I did up my own python file for testing them from Raspbian / Pi OS.
I setup Action Buttons in Motion Eye OS to control my Pan Tilts from Motion Eyes Web GUI, via a browser window. I can see what they see and control them from the one interface.


Thanks for your help
I have a few options- I did find some comments about the pantiltweb.py program, I tried the GUI from phone and a comment said that it worked only from a PC only unless some program changes were made - will check it out - if I can’t make it work I will try Motion Eyes

I really like Motion Eye, but its a bit of work to setup the Pan Tilt Action Buttons.