Do not support 60 FPS at 720p


I using Camera Module for Raspberry Pi Zero – Wide Angle.

When recording video, I set the option to 60 frames, but result video is only 28 frames.

python example) camera = picamera.PiCamera(resolution = (720, 1280), framerate =60)

What more do I need to do?

I’m thinking your issue is more related to the Pi your using. The Pi Zero may not be up to the task of giving you those frame rates.
I tried using a Pi Zero W with Motion Eye OS and the video stream stuttered a lot. I had much better results with a 3A+. It was a nice compromise and cost saving from going all out with a 3B or 4B. I’m not using all those ports anyway. I run Motion Eye at 720P and get around 30fps. It fluctuates a bit. That’s over 2.4 GHz WIFI.