GFX Hat Refresh Speed

After using the gfx-hat for a while now I have noticed a rather long refresh time (0.8s), particularly when changing the display from all black to all white. It would be great to know if i’m using it correctly as many other posts regarding the hat do not mention refresh speed.

I am running it with a Raspberry pi zero and used the installation script to get it running, I’m using python to interact with the display.

It would be good to hear of any suggestions.

From this it looks like the display uses SPI.

Do you have another more powerful Pi to try it with. You should be able to just swap your SD card over. I bet its the Pi Zero thats the slow poke.

Unfortunately at the moment I do not have anything other than the OG B+. I’m looking to have it as portable as possible, however having a usable menu tends to be more important.

A 3A+ is the same size as the GFX Hat, and has the same performance, or close to it, as a 3B+. Won’t be much heavier either.
Are you planning on battery power? If yes the 3A+ will require more than a Zero would. There are almost always tradeoffs with this stuff though.

I will be sure to take a look in that case then, I will be powering it using a battery however i’m sure there are ways of saving power, I’ve been using diet-pi as my OS which is super lightweight.


I’m using 3A+'s as surveillance camera’s, running Motion Eye OS. I tried using a Pi Zero W but it just wasn’t up to the task of streaming video at any decent FPS. They run headless so I don’t need all those extra ports just getting in the way. The 3A+ will use less power than a 3B+, probably not a whole lot but less non the less. I only need the WIFI to stream over and the one USB port to do my setup from. The big thing for me is the 3A+ is a lot cheaper than a 3B+. I have 4 cameras setup so it saved me quit a bit.
I’m not running them on battery though. Have a look at this.