HyperPixel 4 on RP 0


I have a rasp pi zero, raspian, standard setup. The display works ok, but it is very slow to update making it impossible to do much of anything with video or moving items on web pages.

Any tips on how I can get the setup to update faster?


Not trying to be sarcastic etc, but the obvious is to swap out the Zero for one with more power, one with a multi core processor with a higher clock speed. Just a friendly suggestion. ;)
There may be some tweaks to help improve things but I don’t know what they are. I don’t have those Linux skills. That display running off of the GPIO instead of HDMI, I would think throws a wrinkle into the normal tweaks you’d do to improve graphics etc. Maybe you can set “less” RAM for graphics, more for CPU, assuming the graphics RAM isn’t being used?
Hopefully somebody in the know will chime in with something to try.
It sounds like driving the display and being busy over the WIFI is overloading the Pi Zero’s CPU.


The display is- as far as I’m aware- completely handled by the Videocore GPU firmware so any slowness you’re encountering is from the Pi Zero just being slow. You would almost certainly encounter the same slowness (or worse, since it’s higher resolution generally) over HDMI.

The Pi Zero simply isn’t built for graphical heavy lifting.