HyperPixel + rPi zero W stop working after less than 3 min

I just installed 2017-09-07-raspbian-stretch-lite on rPi Zero W + hyperpixel, run the install… Also tried the normal version of raspian. And the display worked for like 3 min than start flickering, and then just dark ( the back light is still going ). Well I have 5 of rPi Zero W and hyperpixel displays. So I went to test whats going on.

Some testing later… and this is not a good news. Display is killing something in rPi zero w, every new rPi zero w I plug in will work like for 3 min top and then the display stop working. Mind you the display is ok, if plugged to another rPi zero w it will work for a while until it dies again. Once this happens the rpi still works, it will boot up, but it will not work with hyperpixel again ( Tested multiple hyperpixels on already "dead’ rpi )… somebody owns me 4x rPi zero w 👎 if they won’t work with 480x Chinese TFT, which are my backup displays.

Nobody experience the same issue it might be related only to zero model of rPi ? I was looking to use the hyperpixel and rpi in a project of mine and now I have to deal with this issue :(

I tested with original rpi power supply and battery 2A power supply to check if it is in power but no…

One thing about the Zero, versus other Pi’s, is it doesn’t have a poly fuse on the +5V in. So, no overcurrent protection. Not sure if its relevant, but something to keep in mind when adding peripherals. I think the hyperpixle may be particularly power hungry. It’s resource hungry anyway. It do believe it uses every GPIO pin/function.

I believe you’re currently in contact with Matt about this via our support email?

Hello, correct, I’ll be sending the parts for testing today. :)

Excellent! I’m keen to know what went wrong, since it sounds pretty severe!

It has been some time, yet no reply from support… still missing my displays and rpis…