Hyperpixel 4.0: Black screen


So I bought a Hyperpixel 4.0 touch display a while ago, but I have not succeeded yet in getting it up and running with Rpi Zero W.

My problem is:

  • My Rpi Zero W works perfectly fine before the one-line installation.
  • After the installation is complete, the system reboots but both the HDMI and Hyperpixel screen stay blank.
  • In SSH, I shut down the Rpi. After removing the installation manually, the Rpi works fine again.
  • In SSH, I tried to run hyperpixel4-init, but it didn’t do anything apparantly.
  • The hyperpixel screen stays blank with the backlight LEDs glowing, so I assume the hardware is fine.

Can anybody please help me? I do not know what else I can do to try to fix this.


Sorry to hear that, how long did you leave it running with the black screen? It can take a minute or two for anything to show up. Also what kind of headers do you have installed on the Zero?


I managed to fix the issue!

So I might be a kind of newbie to all the Rpi’s stuff, and it turned out that my headers weren’t solded good enough. I feel so stupid right now…

Thanks for your help and time anyway Matt, I really appreciate this community so far!