Hyperpixel display show nothing

I have hyperpixel 3.5” screen , i have intall the drive on raspberrypi zero with oneline intaller but the display screen goes black and show nothing. I have chack hiperpixel-init.sevice but it say inactive(dead). Any help please!?

Did you run the old installer, or the new one for the 4 inch Hyperpixel? It may make a difference? I’m not sure if the new installer works for both the old and new display?

I believe this is what you want for the 3.5 inch screen.

And this for the 4 inch

I run the 3.5” installer
curl https://get.pimoroni.com/hyperpixel | bash

Ok, just for the record I don’t own a hyperpixel.
Male header soldered on the PI Zero? Or a hammer header?
Hyperpixel firmly attached to the GPIO header?

What is the current rating of the power supply your using?

Yes , my PI zero was WH model , that has male header soldered from factory , and i attached firmly to the hyperpixel.
I’m using phone charger with 5.2v output

I had run systemd manually sudo systemctl enable hyperpixel-init.service and it say failure

5.2 Volts is good, you need lots of current too though. I do believe they recommend you use the official power supply that is rated for a max or 2.5 Amps.

Did you get any errors when you ran the original one line installer? Maybe try running it again?
Are you running full Raspbian, or Raspbian lite?
Anything showing on a monitor connected to the HDMI connector?

I almost tried clean install of os and run hyperpixel intaller script and still can’t show nothing, mybe the installer is the problem

Do you have an HDMI screen connected? If yes are you seeing a flashing lightning bolt symbol on screen?

Hi Ptruckstar,

Do you have any error messages or anything?

Please could you paste in the text you get when running the one line installer?

Finally, please could you attach a picture or two showing how everything is connected?

That’ll help us get to the bottom of what’s going on and help you get this all working :)

@Matt And the fresh install again.
Sorry I’m forgot to copy the script text but I attaching a screenshot.

Im not use HDMI yet because I don’t have mini HDMI connector.
I set that all with ssh.

Do you have anything else enabled in /boot/config.txt which could be conflicting the pins HyperPixel needs (pretty much all of them)?

Do you see anything useful in the outputs of dmesg or systemctl status hyperpixel-init?

What happens if you run hyperpixel-init directly over SSH? sudo hyperpixel-init

I did that but still

Status of hyperpixel-init


sudo hyperpixel-init do nothing

I tried run service manually too

Could you check /boot/config.txt

Also what’s the output of lsb_release -a and uname -a?