Hyperpixel 4" screen not displaying anything

As the title suggests i just recently got a hyperpixel 4" touch screen and so far the touch works fine but i tried installing it as instructed and the display is lit up but its not displaying anything. Im kinda new to the raspberry pi so sorry if its a stupid question im just so confused 😭

(Im running kali linux) any help would be appreciated πŸ‘

(Im running kali linux)

I would suggest your first step would be to try getting it up and running with a standard Raspbian install (as per the instructions); the driver stuff for the Hyperpixel is pretty complicated and I have no idea what the support for Kali is like.

Testing it as per the instructions will at least clarify whether it’s an issue with the display or an issue with the distro you’ve chosen to run instead.

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Thats a shame alright thanks πŸ‘