Hyperpixel display show nothing



Thank you.

Do you have another power supply to try? I noticed the mmcblk0 error in one of your images that suggests there might be power supply issues causing potential SD card corruption which could lead to these kinds of problems (and worse). I can’t think of anything else it might be.


Thanks for the help @gadgetoid

I want another help please, Could you see this for me and what it’s means?


I think the bcrmfmac errors can be ignored, but the rest point to issues reading/writing the SD card (mmc) that may be caused either by an SD card the Pi doesn’t quite like, a corrupt/damaged/failing SD card, or more likely due to a poor power supply (mobile phone power supplies are quite often terrible for use with the Pi) that causes errors when the Pi is under load due to voltage drop. (IE: the more current the Pi tries to pull from the power supply, the lower the voltage will fall until weird things start to happen)

Do you have another SD card to try?


Thank you so much.
My problem has been solved with that small thing.


What did you swap out? The power supply or the SD crad? For future reference.;)


The SD card sir.
Btw, how to reduce the screen brightness? @gadgetoid @alphanumeric


I saw how to do that posted in another thread, can’t find it now though? Phil should know how you do it. I don’t own a Hyperpixel, not yet anyway. It will likely end up on my wish list. Too many other things I need and want to buy first though, lol.