Pi 3B+ running Motion Eye OS locking up?

I have a Pi 3B+ running Motion Eye OS, motioneyeos-raspberrypi3-20180627.img that repeatedly locks up. I’m referring to the WEB UI. I enter its IP address in IE and or Edge and after an hour or two it just freezes. The video feed freezes and I can’t access the web UI to reboot or shut it down. I have to power cycle it.
I’ve reimaged my SD card several times. I have two 3B (not a +) Pi’s that run just fine with no issues? They run all day without freezing or locking up. Other than it being a Pi 3B**+** the only other difference is its using a 32 gig Lexar Micro SD card, the other two are running 16 Lexar SD cards., And it has a V2 Pi Camera, the other two have V1 cameras.
This is a new Pi 3B+ only just recently purchased. It’s powered by a Pimoroni 5V 2.5A power supply. WIFI is setup on the 2.5Ghz band. It would not work on the 5Ghz band.
Not sure where to go, or what to check?

It’s looking like its a Motion Eye Issue. I’ve been streaming via RasPi Video from Raspbian all day with no issues. Its painfully lagging, but working with no freezes or lockups.

Ran all night with no issues so I’m 99.9% sure its not a hardware issue. It’s an issue with Motion Eye OS on a Pi 3B**+**

After switching to a 16 gig Sandisk Micro SD card it appears to be working just fine. Its run all day for two days now with no lockups. About 12 hours or so a day. I shut it down at night and boot it back up in the morning. Today I think I’ll just leave it running 24/7 to see what happens.

I’ve had other issues with that same Lexar card now that I think about it. I think I had that same card in my AIY Pi and had io errors. May have to run some kind of diagnostic on it to see if its defective. I likely won’t use it again anyway as its suspect in my books now. I’m using identical 16 gig Lexar cards in two other Pi 3B’s running motion eye with no issues.